Filipino Students' Association New Zealand

Kumusta, kaibigan!

The FSA stall during O-week

Kumusta mga kaibigan!

Last week from February 27- March 2 The Filipino Students’ Association had a stall at the University of Auckland quad. O-week is always fun because there’s so much activity around the campus and there’s always new faces to meet. The guys hanging out at the FSA stall were really happy with the new students that went to the stall to sign up.

It also helped that the earlybirds were able to get free membership signups, yay!

This was FSA’s O-week poster.

FSA president, Pat and vice president, Pin at the O-week stall.

More FSA committee! Check this blog for upcoming get-to-know-the-committee post!

Filipino sweets for those who signed up! Chocnut, polvoron and flat tops! Yay!

Mini flag. If you see this hanging around we’re probably just around the corner 🙂

Well that’s it for now! See ya in our next event!



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