Filipino Students' Association New Zealand

Kumusta, kaibigan!

FSA Welcoming Event 2012

Kumusta everybody!

FSA held  a welcoming event on March 9 at the University of Auckland. It was a fun, little get together for all the members. We would like to thank everybody who came, without you guys we would only be just a bunch of people sitting on the grass waiting for time to pass by.

So what happened? Games, socialising, laughing, eating polvoron (talking with a mouth full of polvoron) and a little geography lesson (sort of).

First off…geography lesson? Groups were given random places in the Philippines and their job was to locate them on the map. Hmm..some places were quite tricky (where is Siquijor? Seriously). They also had to give 3 facts about the places (like Pacquiao is from General Santos City and ummm…the Mayon Volcano is nowhere near Cebu).

The Caterpillar Game Teams! (I know, shucks too bad we didn’t have photos of the caterpillars. But it was definitely action filled. So intense, someone broke their sandals. Aw)

We also played some Pinoy Henyo (what’s that? One person tries to guess what a mystery word is by asking questions. His/her partner can only answer yes or no.) Is it a person? Yes! Is it male? Ye–..uh? Does it start with A? B? C….P? Piolo Pascual!

Then there was the polvoron-message game. Eat a whole polvoron and say a phrase. Your partner has to get what you’re saying. It’s quite challenging. (Fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy was he?) Flying polvoron.

We also had some information to share about FSA. Members were able to signup for an Ate/Kuya (big sister/brother). It’s FSA’s way of showing support for our younger members. Younger members will be paired with an Ate/Kuya who are in the same faculty, so they have a guide they can turn to. It’s an awesome way of connecting people 🙂

So that was the welcoming event! We hope to see you all again on the next events!


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