Filipino Students' Association New Zealand

Kumusta, kaibigan!

Meet The FSA Committee 2012

Kumusta mga kaibigan!

Get ready to meet the awesome committee for 2012! Get to know our faces and don’t hesitate to talk to us when you see us around uni 🙂 Plus here’s some fun facts about each of us (so you’ll know how cool/geeky we are haha).

Patricia Oyson – Our awesome president !

1. I am an ulti geek with a strong love for tabletop games, scifi, fantasy AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS PEOPLE THINK ARE WEIRD 😀

2. I cannot keep my room clean for periods longer than 24 hours.

3. I am prone to frequent bouts of random sugar-caused hyperness.







Josephine Orejana – our super Vice president/Treasurer

1. I always tidy up my room first before I can do anything productive (even if it’s already in the middle of the night).

2. I got to meet and hug Jason Mraz during his concert

3. I’m a coffee/coffee shop addict 🙂







Rene Justin Dado– AUT’s awesome president!

1. I love stories. (Movies, video games, tabletop games, culture)
2. I adore kids. Cute little imps. 🙂
3. I used to have heaps of cats. :3
n.b. Cats are awesome and it goes without saying that they are superior to other mammals in the realms of cuteness, awesomeness and practicality. 😛







Marnelli Jauregui – Secretary/Communications

1. I had a fairy themed tea party in a super cute fairy cottage for my 21st (they usually host parties for little kids, hehe. I am forever a little kid).

2. I LOVE FOOD and baking. I have a food blog (ah! shameless self promotion).

3. I love Neil Gaiman books 🙂 Specially American Gods and Anansi Boys.







 Justin Takeda aka Keith  – Assistant Secretary

1) Im half jap or something similar lol

2) obssessed with Supernatural, close enough lol

3) I like tennis :] … probably lol

(Alternate fun facts because he’s fun like that: 1) im a very dedicated League of Legends virtual community member ;P 2) IGN plx *hint hint* 3) see you in the fields of justice 😉)






 Christienne Jauregui– Communications Officer

1) an aspiring novelist and filmmaker

2) can burp the whole alphabet

3) besides writing, hobbies include sketching, painting and composing songs on the piano and ukulele







Gino Orejana – Social/Sports Officer

‎1. I used to be part of a cheering squad XD (yes I really was) XD

2. Lead singer of the band

3. I actually do not fall asleep in Chick flicks xD they give me ideas on how to answer people’s problems 😛







Ivan Valladolid – Sports Officer

1) Started wearing glasses since I was 8 yrs old

2) I gave up basketball for dance

3) I was born with an overbite 🙂






  Anna Decelo – Cultural Officer

1. Anna loves Kpop!

2. She loves music, esp. the piano, the guitar and singing

3. There is a monster on her hit list. DUN DUN DUN








Kimberly Nicole – Social Officer




So that was the FSA Committee. If you see one of us at uni, chat us up or just say hi. If you want to be part of our awesome team don’t hesitate to email us at



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