Filipino Students' Association New Zealand

Kumusta, kaibigan!

About FSA

The Filipino Students’ Association aims to guide Filipino students in adapting to the change and new challenges that they will face in their new home. It will provide an important support network, and a warm, friendly environment.
As one united club, FSA aims to uphold the Filipino culture and values among students, and help them integrate these into the Kiwi way of living. It aims to remind its members to foster and to be proud of their Filipino heritage.
The club also welcomes students of all nationalities and wishes to share and promote the Filipino culture, to enhance awareness, camaraderie, and good fellowship among the campus.
Finally, FSA aims to cultivate a healthy passion for education in the various university campuses, and engage its members in fun and meaningful activities that can enable them to widen their circles, and have a better university experience.

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One comment on “About FSA

  1. Elle
    February 7, 2013

    Just want to know when the first meeting will be for club sign up 🙂


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